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Welcome to my family.

I am Roger the creative writer of this blog. You will read about my journeys through life, some good some bad. I hope this inspires you to look beyond the bad and make the most out of each day. Now onto the journey's told by Roger.

I look forward to having you as a follower. What you will find in my blog are old stories & new.  I would love to share some of my favorite memories also. I have been an avid writer for years. One thing i would like to share with you, is I have been sick with Copd for over 11 years. It's been a long life of trying to keep on keeping on but, with faith in God I'm still here! My life has been full of so many things. Struggles, Trial, blessings and more. I am excited to share my Journey through life with you. I may be only 62 years old but, I have plenty to share with you.


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