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Saturday, February 4, 2012


    One summer day I decided to walk across the road to David's Grandparent's house and see what he was doing. He saw me coming across the road and came out to greet me. David was a born leader. As for me, I chose to be a follower. He noticed his Grandpa had been painting on the side of the house and had left the ladder leaning up against it. "Let's go up on the roof!" He excitedly proclaimed.
    "Ok David. You go first." I replied.
    So David climbed the ladder to the roof. It was a two story house with a high pitched roof. Then I joined him. The pitch of the roof made it hard to hang on. We carefully made our way to the peek. Let's play 'Rip Chord." David announced as his eyes lit up. (Rip Chord was a popular t.v. show of the times where two guys would parchute out of airplanes while hollering, "Rip Chord, Cut!")
I feared my skinny legs would snap like toothpicks if I were to jump off the roof. David was a solid, muscular boy with stout legs. I said, "Ok David, you go first." After all, he was the leader.
    He took a flying leap off the roof while hollering, "Rip Chord, Cut!"
   And when he broke his arm, I took the ladder down. I watched as his grandparents loaded him in the car and raced off toward the hospital. Meanwhile,  I sauntered off in search of another Leader.


  1. You might have been a follower (which by the way is a trait we all need to share as followers of Jesus)...but you certainly were a fearless follower! Not to mention, you realized that jumping off a roof would/could break not only your legs but obviously an arm or two! What you failed to tell us is how you managed to get down off that high pitched roof without a leader...hmmm, could that have been you?
    Keep on writing!

    Editors Note: "He saw me...NOT he seen me"...couldn't help it.

  2. That's to funny! I would be out looking for another leader to, if I were you. Great story Dad!