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Saturday, February 18, 2012


    From 1962 to 1966 I matured from a twelve year old boy into a sixteen year old teenager. I still thought a lot of my girl from Texas, but I began to realize she lived so far away and 3/4 of each year was spent in Texas. I also realized how much I thought of her as a very, very good friend, and the distance between us kept it from ever developing into anything else. People tend to become attached to those they are near to daily. I would always have a place in my heart reserved for her, but as my love life matured I would move on.
    By the Spring of 1966 I was the proud owner of a small motorcycle, a Honda S 90. Plus, I was going with a beautiful, young, girl that only lived about half a mile from Lacey Lake's Resort drive. I seldom made it to the lake that early Spring. My Honda seemed to have a mind of its own. When it reached my girlfriend's driveway, it automatically turned in. I was still very backward and shy in the field of Love. As I said before, my parents never hugged us, kissed us, or used the Love word.
    Everyday my girlfriend and I spent the afternoon sitting on the couch together, holding hands, and watching Soap Operas. I guess you could say I was the worlds worst boyfriend. We never kissed. We never hugged. We just held hands and watched Soap Operas day after day after day.   

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