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Friday, February 24, 2012

"It's Not a Big Motorcycle..." Continued

I dropped her off at the resort, and rode my Honda to my girlfriend's house. She was sitting on on the picnic table on the West side of the house. I tried to talk to her and explain that I was only friends with the girl I was giving a ride, but she had no response and handed me back my initial ring. I could see no point in trying to talk to her any longer. I got on my Honda and headed back to the lake.
I was feeling kind of low as I wheeled down the resort driveway. I pulled up to the cable that was strung from post to post and designated the parking area. I just sat there on my Honda with my head hanging low. I had lost my beautiful girlfriend. "Oh Roger! I am so sorry! It's all my fault. I didn't mean to cause you and your girlfriend to break up." Standing in front of my motorcycyle stood the girl from Texas.
"If you'd like, I'll go with you?" she said.
With a shocked look on my face and feeling a bit puzzled, I answered her, "You would?!"
She moved in closer, with one leg on each side of my front tire and placing her hands on my handlebars. She smiled and said, "Sure I would!"
I had been dreaming of this moment since first meeting her as young children, but I had convinced myself that we would be better off to just remain the very good friends we were. I had convinced myself that if we ever developed a romantic relationship at some point we would break up and I would not only lose her as a girlfriend, but as one of my best friends as well. It just wasn't worth the risk. And yet, here she stood in front of me offering to go steady, and I found it impossible to refuse. I took my initial ring off my finger and handed it to her.
I was still young and very inexperienced. These were my first two girlfriends I had ever been involved with, and I was very wet behind the ears. While handing her my ring I questioned her again while questioning myself.
"You would?!" I answered with a surprised voice.
"Sure I would!" She responded with an excited, reassuring voice.

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