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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"It's not a Big Motorcycle, it's a Groovy Little Motorbike"

    On occasion me and my Honda slipt passed my girlfriend's house and down to Lacey Lake's Resort. I had to know if my Texas girl was back yet. After making several trips there and sitting on a picnic table for a while, at long last, one day as I sit on the table, I saw her come out of her family's mobile home. When she saw me there, she smiled and hollered, "Roger!"
    We spent a while catching up on the past months. Then she noticed my motorcycle sitting where I used to park my English bike. "Is that your motorcycle?!" She asked.
    "That's my Honda! Would you like to go for a ride on it?"
    "I don't know." She responded. "My Mother would have a fit!"
    "Well, it's up to you." I replied.
    She thought for a minute and then said, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to go for a ride this one time."
    I pulled the back foot pegs down into position and she climbed on. She wrapped her arms around me and I carefully drove up the resort drive. I didn't want her first ride to frighten her. When we reached the road, I turned right and we rode to the stop sign at the cross road. I made a right turn, and much to my surprise, walking in the road ahead of us was my girlfriend walking with a neighbor girl. I pulled up beside her and tried to talk to her. She looked straight ahead while ignoring me. After a couple of minutes I drove on.
     We went around a curve in the road and past a small house. I noticed a big, black, dog crouched down in an attack position. As the dog began charging at us I twisted the throttle to speed up. It was a small motorcycle with two people on it up against a very fast dog. I was picking up speed, but the dog was gaining on us while growling, snarling, and barking! In those days there was no helmet law and I had no helmets, nor turn signals. Safety was up to the driver.  As my rider screamed and began climbing my back, the dog was biting my legs and ankles. It became increasingly difficult to maintain balance and control, especially as I was being used as a human ladder. As she screamed, she managed to wrap her legs around my neck. We must have looked like a Circus Act with no circus, or prior practice! We finally managed to out-run the dog and by nothing short of a miracle, I managed to regain control of the motorbike as she climbed down and back onto the seat. I stopped for a minute while we gathered our thoughts. "Well we can't go back the way we came, or we would surely be attacked by the big, black, dog.That meant we'd have to take the long way back. All I could think of was, what else could go wrong. We had to go about seven or eight miles out of our way to come back around to the Resort drive.
    When we pulled up to the parking area, she climbed off and said, "You'd better go see your girl friend. She didn't look or act very happy when she saw me on the back of your Honda."
    "I think you're right." I replied. "I guess I'd better get going."
    I wasn't gone long when I returned to the resort parking lot. My Texas girl could sense things didn't go well.

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