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Monday, April 9, 2012


In the days when I was growing up the County 4H Fair was later in the summer in August. This worked well for me, because it gave me the summer to bale hay for neighbors and save money to spend at the fair. Besides all the excitement with the rides, games, farm animals, grand stand events, and that wonderful fair food, it was a great place for all the teenagers to congregate and socialize.
Although everything about the fair was great, at my age my main objective was to meet girls. I got there a little too early, and after walking the midway I walked under the Grandstand that led out to the 4H barns. As I came out the other side, I was excited to see my Texas girl and another girl standing there. She seemed as excited to see me as I was to see her. We talked a while and all while we were visiting, I wanted to ask her to walk the mid-way and ride some rides with me, but as usual, I couldn't get up the nerve. We talked a while and went our seperate ways.
I went back under the grandstand, walked through to the other side and into the midway. As I walked passed the games the carneys hollered at me and tried to humiliate me into playing. It wasn't easy, but I learned to ignore their rude remarks as I walked by. While sauntering around watching the rides I noticed Louise, the beauty I met at the Shop Picnic. She was walking with a couple other girls. Not wanting to look to obvious, I walked at an angle that crossed in front of her. I heard, "Roger!"
I turned around, trying to look surprised, "Well Hi Louise! How ya been?"
We talked a few minutes and I asked her if she'd like to go on the rides with me? We had lots of fun riding the fair rides, and then we walked around talking to each other. Soon we were walking past the row of games as carneys yelled out at me, trying to coerce me into playing.
I decided to win Louise a stuffed animal. Like I've said before, I was a better farmboy than a ball player. I tried and I tried, but I just couldn't win a stuffed animal. Bound and determined, I kept trying until I had gone through $40.00 of the money I made baling hay that summer. At last, Louise said,"Let me try."
Her first try, she won a stuffed animal!! Needless to say, I felt slightly humiliated. It was getting time for me to head home and start doing my chores. I hated to leave, but I had to say my goodbyes. I wondered if I'd see her again.

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