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Thursday, April 5, 2012


The three girls and I walked around the Amusement Park, rode rides, played games, and talked. It was a Great Day!! Somehow we got on the subject of ages, and I was in pure shock to find out Louise was 3 1/2 years younger than me. She looked so beautiful and mature for her age. All my thoughts of asking her out on dates were crushed. She lived in the town near our farm, so I made up my mind to keep track of her for a couple of years when our age differeces wouldn't seem so far apart.
Soon the day was over and everyone was packing up to head back to their homes. The girls and I said our good byes and we were on our ways.
My day at the amusement park with the three girls was over. It was back to the farm and settling back into the life of a farm boy baling hay. When we got all of Dad's hay baled, I hired out to the neighbors baling hay for $1.00 and hour. I had grown embarrased of my little motorcycle, so I bought a bigger Honda. One day while driving it around in the nearby town, I was driving around the boulevard in front of their High School when much to my surprise I seen my Texas Girl walking!! I was overwhelmed with excitment! I pulled up beside her and she said,"Roger, where've you been?"
I replied, "Oh, I've been around. I thought you lived in Texas."
"My parents decided to move to Michigan a few months ago and hear I am!"
She seemed as happy to see me as I was to see her! We both had smiles from ear to ear. While we made small talk, and did some catching up, my mind was awhirl. I wanted to ask her out, but just couldn't get up the courage. Over the years, I had put her on a pedestal, and even though I had overcome my shiness with girls, she was the one exception. We talked a while longer and I was on my way.

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