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Monday, April 2, 2012


Maybe it was my self-confidence, but as I entered my later teens I had no problems with girls. I was like a shark on a feeding frenzy! There were just so many cute girls and I had developed ways to get to know them and make out. I didn't get into any relationships, just a lot of kissing as I went from girl to girl. The girls liked me, but way to many jealous boys wanted to fight. I learned to take care of myself. I don't mean to sound like "God's Gift to Women" because I was a long, long way from that! I was merely a teenager testing his new found abilities.
Then one Saturday my family went to the shop picnic put on from the factory where my Dad worked. The picnic tables were all full in the shaded park near the Lake Lansing Amusement Park entrance. The owners of the factory gave each kid a huge role of tickets for the rides and games. It was great! After eating and playing some of their games, I headed into the amusement park. It was much like a fair, only bigger and better. It had the usual rides, bumper cars, fairess wheels, merry-go-rounds,etc. Plus, a huge Roller Coaster!!
I don't remember how I broke the ice with them, but the next thing I knew I was walking around, playing games and going on rides with three teenage girls. I was in my glory. The smells of popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy and all the other fair type foods filled the air. Plus, the sounds of people laughing, talking, screaming, and the music from the Merry-Go-Round also could be heard.
The three girls looked to be all about the same age, maybe about a year younger than me. One was a blonde, one a brunette, and the third was so beautiful, she was hard to describe. She had soft, shiny, long black hair, a perfect hour glass figure, and a face that would put most movie stars to shame. The other two girls were quite the talkers, but she had a sexy, quiet way about her, speaking only when necessary. This caused her to have a mysterious, but very attractive way about her. I couldn't help but be drawn toward her. Her name was Louise. The three girls each had a parent that worked at the same factory as my father.
I tried to win them stuffed animals, but as always, the girls ended up winning their own. Then they wanted to ride the rides. I guess I made a fine target on the Bumper Cars. Next, after giving it considerable thought, they decided to go for a ride on the Roller Coaster! That drop down the first hill was a doozy! They took turns riding with me. I never knew girls could snuggle so tightly as each screamed and I wrapped my arms around them. Riding with a different girl each time, as I recall I rode the Coaster nine times in a row!!! The Merry-Go-Round was a much more peaceful ride.

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